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About Us

Whether you're a fortune 500 company looking to expand into new markets, or a start-up in stealth mode looking to find your new customers - we offer our clients a one stop sales and marketing service, on demand.

Our Mission

Connecting you with your next client.

We combine talented people with a cutting-edge sales & marketing framework to give you a competitive advantage.

Above all, our team of passionate sales people, marketeers, innovators and entrepreneurs can provide a rocket ship for your business.

Our Core Values


We believe that success comes from honesty to our clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.


Working together, for instance, we’ll exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of achieving results. Mentoring, training, and knowledge sharing is all part of our mantra.


We go above and beyond. In other words, we ensure that every sales operation and client experience has a real, measurable effect.

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Our CEO - Daniel Marconetto


Daniel is a technology professional with over 15 years’ experience in Business Development, Channel Sales, Marketing and Software Sales. After founding and successfully exiting his own tech businesses he then went on to help some of World’s most iconic technology brands (Varonis, GitHub, Okta) to expand into the European market. As a result, it’s with this knowledge and experience of being one of the first in the region, helping to shape the playbook and finding the first customers that the idea of Geniusly was born.

Geniusly for Good

Our Corporate Social Responsibility is our proactive approach to ethics, morals, and giving back. Not only to our shareholders and staff, but also to the environment and society. We believe in taking ownership as a rising technology startup within an exponentially growing industry by contributing to the well-being and growth of those around us. Always flying the flag for equity, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

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