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Lead Generation Challenges

Trying to maintain leadership in marketing in 2021 might prove difficult. You’ll have to create valuable content, build awareness, and build your lead generation at all times if you wish to build your brand as the pipeline grows, more MQLS … Read More

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Unstructured Data Vs. Structured Data

Data-driven marketing, according to most marketers, means using web metrics to inform every decision they make. It isn’t actually data-driven. This is Google Analytics-driven. It is essential to remember what actually constitutes data, namely all types of information so that … Read More

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Tips and Best Practices for Using Facebook Messenger for Business

Personalise where you can  Customers appreciate being able to see how much you value them with a little personalisation. You can make a huge impact by addressing someone by their name.  A Facebook survey conducted that 91% of consumers  (Facebook … Read More

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Facebook Messenger For Your Business

Among the most popular messaging applications used by brands to engage their customers globally is Facebook Messenger. Don’t overlook its use as more than 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between people and businesses. Facebook Business Customer service is … Read More

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The Impact Of Covid-19 On Marketing

In addition to affecting our daily lives, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic is affecting our choices on where and how we spend our time, as well as our priorities and our spending habits. At Geniusly, we have gathered the most valuable … Read More

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Intelligent Virtual Assistants & Chatbots: An Introduction

The term ‘Intelligent Virtual Assistant’ may conjure up images of hyper-futuristic artificial intelligence with complete independent thought (such as Marvel’s JARVIS, Star Trek’s Ship Computer, or 2001’s HAL), but the reality is a lot closer than you’d think. Intelligent Virtual … Read More

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What is Data Integration?

‘Big Data’ is having more of an impact on how businesses operate with every passing day, and the volumes being described continue to grow far past what human beings can reasonably keep up with. Now, even small businesses can find … Read More

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Life as a Sales Executive

Hi! I’m Liam, and I have been lucky enough to become the first Sales and Marketing Executive at Geniusly managing iSpot for Retail Analytics. As I write this, I am in my second month at Geniusly, a fantastic company that … Read More

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Your guide to selling AI

AI is already being implemented in more industries, in more ways than previously anticipated. It’s changing and improving the way we shop, work, and live every day, and gradually is becoming a normal part of our lives, to the point … Read More

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8 Reasons To Use A Sales & Marketing Outsourcing Agency

This post is also available as an eBook download, get yours here When creating, operating and scaling a tech business, the question at the forefront of our minds is always how to grow and increase revenue. Growing your business, either … Read More

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